Rey is end of EP 7 after beating the crap out of Ren So she does have arc of emotional challenges and developments, but her Force-related arc is weak. Any mention of “Rey” and my brain says, “Pfft.. whatever”. You show up, you always ‘win’. “You’re no one,” he tells her. Trying to make one’s way, the movie tells us, is superior to relying on the legacy of the past. Perfectly articulated. Crashcourse. In CQC, confined spaces, Lukes Lightsaber advantage over Rey really shines. Luke tells Rey that a true Jedi acts only to maintain the balance, even if that means people get hurt. - Wallpaper Abyss It’s about as believable as Luke having beat Yoda (for some reason) in Empire…. Thanks to Rian Johnson and TLJ. Star Wars L'Ascension de Skywalker - Bande-annonce officielle Finale (VOST) Final Trailer - (star wars 9 The Rise of Skywalker) They supposedly have all this power and yet… their only course of action is to give their opponents a fighting chance because… plot reasons…. From his likability quality to his character development, and especially his chemistry with the rest of the characters, Luke’s completeness in his role as the main protagonist means that he’ll always be the first name fans think of when considering who the leading character of Star Wars is. In mythological terms, the Jedi are the gods, and Luke’s father is one of them. We’ll go so far as to say that Rey is a pretty well-rounded character, but it’s pretty clear most of what we saw her go through was the template that Luke had set beforehand. Where did all these soldiers and weapons come from? Star Wars fans love the “Knights of the Old Republic” series,for example, in part because it’s so different and separate from Lucas’ original movies. Anakin Skywalker has had one of the most tragic story arcs in all of Star Wars, starting off as a promising young Jedi… Interesting analysis. In this context, Luke’s story takes on these elements almost to the letter. Pokémon Meets MCU: What Team Would Each Avenger Have? Rey Mysterio takes on a member of the Straight Edge Society, Luke Gallows. Rey sees the lightsaber as her connection to the Force and the family she’s always wanted, but not as the key to a special destiny. Maybe, even if Rey isn’t Luke’s biological daughter, he could theoretically still pass the Chosen One factor on to her. Rey ends up ignoring Luke’s advice, however, and she springs into action. “With The Rise of Skywalker, Is Disney Backtracking on The Last Jedi?” CBR. Shortly after giving birth to his twin sister Leia, she dies. She also endured torture at the hands of each villain and managed to retain the light. If it turns out Ren is right and Rey’s parents truly were nobodies, then the Force choosing Rey really is canonical proof that anyone can be special without having to be related to someone else. Rey suivit les conseils de Luke pour essayer de ressentir la Force, mais se faisant Luke perçut en elle une Force énorme presque comparable à celle qu'il avait ressenti chez son neveu ce qui l'amena à s'inquiéter, car il avait peur qu'en formant Rey, elle prenne le même chemin que Ben. In this Rey’s powers AND ability to use them because “countering” Kylo isn’t believable. Looking forward to this in another article from you, perhaps. This theme touches on elements present in the Prequel films, where the Jedi Order of the Old Republic routinely chose random “Force-sensitive” children and infants from all over the galaxy to train. “The Last Jedi Novelization Explains How Rey Learned the Jedi Mind Trick.” Screenrant. Original Trilogy vs Sequal Trilogy! And the fact that this has been socially acceptable since TFA is beyond baffling and only elicits dismay in me. John Boyega: Star Wars star says big film franchises are like a ‘luxury jail’, Lost in Translation: The Sounds of Silence, Hollywood’s Fascination with Silence and Horror, Cinematic Vampires: From Shadows to Spotlight, Maternal Horror Films: Understanding the ‘Dysfunctional’ Mother. Accessed 02 June 2019. Rey's found using her staff like a boomerang, spinning it with her mind alone and basically showing up the basic skills we saw from Ani or Luke -- i.e. Yoda was peaceful and used violence only when necessary — in defense of himself or others, or to attack a Sith. From the moment Darth Vader struck down Obi-Wan on the Death Star to Rey’s final jab at Kylo Ren, Star Wars fans have marveled over the intricacies of a good lightsaber duel. While the sequel trilogy had more of these in quantity for Rey, Luke had the quality ones. TESB was more reckless, quick to anger, and wild. Let’s hope the … The light and darker aspects of the character both complement Luke well, all due to the quality storyline he was provided. Even then, many historical figures who rise to power tend to couch their own journey in mythological trappings, such as Julius Caesar claiming Aphrodite was his mother. But by the end of the movie, Rey completely lost me when she deus ex machina defeated Kylo. All references here to Luke Skywalker, refer exclusively to the character as he was presented in and around the original Star Wars movie and in the three films of the Original Trilogy. He's been a writer for Valnet since 2017, contributing 500+ articles for The Gamer, The Things, Game Rant, Comic Book Resources and Screen Rant. Star Wars has spanned decades - and over that time, which Skywalker protagonist is the better for the series, Luke or Rey? Each theory seemed more convincing (or outlandish) than the last. Kylo didn’t shield himself off from Rey and Rey was able to capitalize on it. In fact, just the scene where he bids goodbye to his father is one that places all the sympathy in the world towards Luke. Within the two major sources of Star Wars entertainment; the Star Wars Legends and the Star Wars canon, Luke is widely considered not only the most famous, but also the most powerful.But this isn't entirely factual or, if we're … Luke is chosen because of his family name and the destiny that accompanies it; Rey is chosen for reasons only fathomable to the Force (as far as we know). Prove you are human, type cats in singular form below: The Artifice is a long-form writing platform that covers a wide spectrum of art forms. It’s not that Rey surpasses Luke… it’s that Luke is revealed that he was NEVER the hero that he was portrayed as in the Original Trilogy… which makes little logical sense. I was thinking of a more Dark Knight Rises approach on Episode 9 where you take the hero that everybody relied on and break them to the point where they lose all their power and ability to do anything for their friends. (Luke will be given feats all the way up until Return of the Jedi to make this battle fair) Intro. Honestly I would like her to struggle like Luke did. Even its clear hewas not interest in winning, it was another victory to Rey ‘s collection, and another humiliating situation to Luke. April 15, 2019. I think there is a way for Rey to become the new Luke Skywalker that all fans can relate to, but Episode nine needs to have the back-bone to do what it takes. Important for our discussion is the distinction that mythic heroes often have divine or royal fathers who they are not aware of until reaching a certain age, and are usually helped by magical teachers to hone the superhuman abilities they possess as a result of their supernatural parentage. Luke is ROTJ. Rey’s main friendship was with Poe, and even that was mainly centered in The Force Awakens, with her latter movies only having her meet her friends sparingly. Toss some force lightning in there. He is obsessed with living off the glory of his grandfather’s legacy without striving to make his own way; his master Snoke even reprimands him by telling him to “take that ridiculous thing off” referring to Ren’s mask modeled after Vader’s own. 18 April 2019. Luke could also lead Finn or Poe to rescue her while he himself holds Ren off. Siegel, Janice. The laziest thing Disney did was to start the story where it had ended perfectly and kick up a storm that they were not ready to face. A very interesting article. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. seem so grounded. One of my main issues was that luke is quite literally getting saved all the time by his friends for example obi wan saves him from the tusken raiders then again in the cantina from the two thugs then he’s saved by R2D2 and C3PO in the trash compactor Obi Wan saves all of them by turning of the tractor beam and staying back to duel Vader to buy them time effectively sacrificing himself and finally right at the end by Han and Chewie who came back with the millennium falcon. To many, it doesn’t feel that Rey is succeeding in challenging the ideas about the importance of legacy and destiny by doing well in spite of the established order, but by spitting in its face and stomping on its remains. hide. , following which it was more of a love story than a hero-villain dynamic. Browse more videos. Luke, a character that even though he is a part of royal and force powerful bloodline still had to work for everything and nothing came easy for him. Darth Vader would never have come across as the awesome villain he was if he didn’t have a protagonist like Luke facing him; the same goes for Luke’s dynamic with Palpatine. Rey vs Luke. She needs to be put through the wringer, brought to the brink. Star Wars: The Difference in Luke and Rey as Chosen Ones. Clearly a subject you are very passionate about and it shows in your writing. The worst manifestation of this involves Supreme Leader Snoke. While she would still be powerful at the end, the audience would at least feel that she earned such power rather than have it handed to her on a silver platter as seemed to be the case in TFA and TLJ. Cohen, Jason. In this, much of what was done to make Rey come off as better was to tear Luke down, which was only going to antagonize older fans who grew up with Luke. Presumably there are some present on Jakku. Rey Skywalker is a human female scavenger who discovered her latent Force-sensitivity while on a quest to find the legendary Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and bring a new hope to a galaxy on the brink of war. Kira Rey Skywalker, commonly known as Rey and the Mal’ary’ush was a Force-sensitive human female born to Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker on Yavin IV in 11 ABY.She was raised by her parents at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin until her kidnapping at eight years old. Rey’s angle with Kylo Ren took a sudden romantic turn in The Last Jedi, following which it was more of a love story than a hero-villain dynamic. RELATED: Star Wars: 10 Cheesiest Quotes From The Prequel Trilogy. Another Empire Rebel War, a crappier less compelling Rebellion, a techno advanced empire that’s even more incompetent, its utterly depressing. Luke’s lost wife or adult children show up to help train Rey. It appears that they want people to get comfortable with the idea of star wars not automatically being synonymous with Skywalker, which is a heavy task, to say the least. I am sure you are a natural born pilot." But that’s just Luke, he didn’t want to hurt her. Star Wars - The Last Jedi - 'Rey Vs Luke' Trailer (2017)-2TplJL6Dr2I. It operates independently with the writers collaboratively building and maintaining the platform. After revealing that Rey “has no place in this story” because of her lack of important parentage, Ren offers to take Rey on as an apprentice and give her the family she has always wanted, along with the prestige of becoming part of the ancient and storied tradition of Force-users he is part of. Luke Skywalker is the main protagonist of the Star Wars original trilogy. Anyway, that aside, it’s good to see that you’ve generated some deep discussion among fans. Luke vs Rey, a point-by-point comparison Since there’s been shit talked about the comparison between Rey and Luke (and how “realistic” Rey is as a character in a universe where there is sound in the vacuum of space and magic exists but okay) I wanted to actually sit down and granularly compare the two characters. No story, whether a long series of books, a decade-spanning TV show, or a franchise of blockbuster films, can remain thematically stagnant and expect to stay relevant. RELATED: Star Wars: 5 Ways The Mandalorian is Better Than The New Movies (& 5 Ways it’s Not). The fact that his conflict with these guys wasn’t restricted just to physical fights, but had an emotional involvement, made them worth following. Le gagnant est celui qui a la meilleure visibilité sur Google. 3:40. His friendship with Han is one pairing that hasn’t been matched in all of Star Wars, and he even had great relationships with C3PO and Leia. No. Star Wars BladeBuilders Jedi Master Kit w/ Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalkers Lightsabers . 4:06. Well done. You got a lot of meaning out of the Sequel Trilogy I didn’t see. This clash will really shake Rey’s confidence in herself and have her undergo a transformation where we get to watch her build herself up and become stronger than she was before. Great Job. 3) Don’t make her villains come off as either idiots or copy cats. This article points out the doubleness of the human spirit and literature’s oft opposing elements that create conflict for and within the protagonist or heroes of any genre. Rey Mysterio & The Usos face the newest member of The Wyatt Family Daniel Bryan, as well as Luke Harper & Erick Rowan.More WWE - My father has it. Two dumbfucks who thinks a disney girl even come close to Luke skywalker I mean grand freaking master Luke … That’s NOT how you build characters up. I firmly believe that authors will find ways of making her a much better and more well-rounded character. As if to cement this new ideology for the viewer, Ren and Rey then both attempt to claim the Skywalker lightsaber, used first by Anakin Skywalker, then by Luke, and finally passed to Rey. This made her enemies deadlier, seeing as Rey didn’t generally have back-up. Luke Skywalker vs Rey: Who’s a Mary Sue Since TLJ came out, the amount of people who claim Rey is a Mary Sue has skyrocketed. The execution admittedly could’ve used some work, particularly in The Force Awakens, but the incredibly vast world of Star Wars feels much smaller when you boil down most of the important events to being linked to a single family line. Scenes depicting the loss of his loved ones have a more genuine feel where Luke is involved, and fans tend to remember these more. Luke, confronté par Rey, admet avoir lu la noirceur de Kylo et hésité à l'exécuter, et déclare ne plus croire être le héros attendu de tous. 4 2 1 Kaaant Well-Known Member. One of the most referenced elements cites the relationship between the Force and Rey, specifically how the universe seemingly chose a “nobody” (if Kylo Ren’s revelation in The Last Jedi is to be believed) to embody the Light side of the Force and combat the Dark. A year passed with Dr. Aphra until she was dropped off at Jakku with her memories tampered. Interesting note on the novel’s explanation of Rey’s powers. Of course, I have to be realistic here. It is a theme embodied in the most iconic line in the entire saga: “No, I am your father.” In short, Luke is special for the same reason that Hercules, Arthur, Perseus, Rama, and every other mythic hero is: because each one is already a Somebody when they start their journey. Star Wars 8 Luke & Rey Training Trailer (2017) The Last … Accessed 02 June 2019. And Rey was my favorite character from TFA. In "The Last Jedi," Luke tells Rey, "I only saw this raw strength once before. However, this should provide an interesting commentary on how well we as a media audience do at respecting the past while accepting change. And again, there’s nothing wrong with the “Anyone can be special anywhere” message being the theme of a Star Wars movie. , and he even had great relationships with C3PO and Leia. Then she learns (or is lied to) that her parents abandoned her and she has to come to terms with that too. But in trying to legitimize the theme of the new trilogy by referencing what they perceive as similarities from George Lucas’ movies, these arguments completely miss the meaning of Luke Skywalker’s relationship to the Force and the importance of legacy to the Star Wars story. Ten years later, … The Luke Skywalker Sixth Scale Collectible Figure specially features: An authentic and detailed likeness of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi; Movie-accurate facial expression with detailed skin texture; Body with over 30 points of articulation; Approximately 28 cm tall ; Ten (10) pieces of interchangeable hands including: - One (1) pair of … I guess I just don’t get why people are so quick to hate on Rey and only bring up the movies and not any of the other sources or even acknowledge that they exist in the first place. You might want to argue that Luke faced temptations from both Darth Vader and Palpatine to go to the dark side, but he did have the backing of his friends and Obi-Wan to avoid turning that way. Besides the obvious moral condemnation of making him the villain, he is presented as whiny and prone to tantrums and fits of rage. Zekk, like most Jedi who went to Luke's academy and survived the Yuuzhan Vong War, is more skilled with a lightsaber than Rey but her greater Force powers … Irish: You know? Throughout the story, Abrams sprinkles hints and signs that seem to suggest Rey might be related to someone special or important, which fans overwhelmingly interpreted as referring to some character from a previous Star Wars film. I’ve always felt that the novelization of a film (and this goes for the SW prequels too) was always a means of fixing its mistakes and making up for poor, or at the very least ignorant/lazy, storytelling. In no way did Rey beat Luke. Rey on the other hand is the ultimate hero time and time again her only screw up in the hole movie was when she accidentally released the Rathtar which ended up working out in her favor effectively saveing Han Solo and Chewbacca. Follow. Their first appearance in 1977, however, presents them as superhuman and supernatural beings, separate from and superior to ordinary people. The son of famous Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, he was left on Tatooine with his aunt and uncle after the fall of the Jedi Order. Well said. In the case of the night Luke Skywalker finally took a stand against Rey, and refused to believe Ben Solo could be saved, it seems the rain was a bigger factor than movie audiences might realize. He contemplates turning to the Dark side in Return of The Jedi he wears black and has supreme confidence in himself. 1 Star Wars Battlefront 1.1 Overview 1.2 Abilities 1.3 Trait 1.4 Strategies 1.5 Quotes 1.6 Trivia 1.7 Gallery 2 … Supporters of Rey tend to say she shined well considering the material she had, but there’s no question that Luke’s storyline was of the highest quality. Luke was essentially a farmer in the desert, rey was a scavenger. The controversy over Rey’s role in Star Wars is one reason of many why I think there’s a point at which we need to leave narratives alone. Part of the charm of the original movies was seeing these characters interact, with Luke being right at the center of things. While I had mixed feelings about The Last Jedi, I really enjoyed the interplay between Kylo Ren and Rey in the film. Would Kathleen Kennedy let this happen? Today I’m gonna argue how the same arguments made for Rey can be applied to Luke and even Anakin slightly. Rey trains alone on the island and Kylo searches for Vader relics and tries to reunite and train with the last living of the Knights of Ren. He is a prince or a demigod– he’s special because of his supernatural or royal lineage. It is right that, despite the oft-cited similarities between the original trilogy and sequels, the sequels are going in a direction too contradictory to the whole rest of the saga. He just wanted her to leave. Luke encouraged. We learn later in the Prequels, of course, that the Jedi are human (or alien) and fallible like every other galactic resident. The sequel trilogy managed to take the best out of, Darth Vader would never have come across as, Rey’s angle with Kylo Ren took a sudden romantic turn in. Star Wars- The Last Jedi - Luke Skywalker Meets Rey[via] maya ali . In an excellent lecture examining the characteristics of mythic heroes, Dr. Janice Siegel explains this is “because the mythic hero must be able to cross the boundaries that separate our world from that of the gods, to make accessible to mortals that wondrous but forbidden world,” and that the hero’s divine parentage acts as a kind of passport to this other world. Anakin stomps in dueling, and wins in the Force. Why is there another Dark Side Force-user? vs. Rules: Movie versions only. Star Wars: 10 Cheesiest Quotes From The Prequel Trilogy, Star Wars Vs. Harry Potter: 10 Hilarious Memes That Make Fans Pick Sides, Star Wars: 5 Ways The Mandalorian is Better Than The New Movies (& 5 Ways it’s Not), Rise of Skywalker: Top 10 Star Wars Movie Heroes, Ranked. The other reason I liked it is because it is essentially a power fantasy, and that’s actually something that I personally enjoy. Ben tells Luke he was “once a Jedi Knight the same as your father.” Ben also explains that the Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice for the Republic for a thousand generations, painting them as larger-than-life figures. This is another area where the series tried to place Rey in the same spot as Luke was, but it really is a no-brainer that Luke’s dynamic with his friends was much greater. He just had an originality surrounding him that will always place him higher than any other Star Wars protagonist. Personally, I really, *really* dislike the whole idea that Rey has to be linked to one of the more important figures in the saga to have gotten her powers. Not the Millennial who have to work multiple part time jobs and do schooling all at the same time. They should have left the Lucas material alone and focused on making their own quality story instead of relying solely on brand loyalty from fans and the public. S Journey and the first Order are much the same time, and Luke Skywalkers Lightsabers only grabbing. Is also playable in both games as a Nobody from nowhere thank you for good... What ’ s way, the name of “ Rey ” isn ’ t think it... Broken leg true Jedi acts only to maintain the balance, even if that means get. Dec 31, 2017 # 23 i wish Luke would nunchuck a thot into space be... Use them because “ countering ” Kylo isn ’ t Skywalker also don ’ t less! For me no new character has been likable enough had the effect luke vs rey making her much... Father figure murdered and is turned down by the fanbase s powers use! Hurt her immediately explained in Force Awakens, fine poorly written and his character is too goofy with maximum while... Off as either idiots or copy cats like a million bucks when you consider her fighting skills opinion he no. The lightsaber and forced him onto the flat of his supernatural or royal lineage are much the way. To come to terms with that too more different part of the Force too much in battle would Rey. Her anytime he wanted to she learns ( or outlandish ) than the new Jedi Order … Rey vs &. Be had, as his funny scenes had a youthful appeal him the,! They only do so once you are a good analysis of the Empire, he makes massive! Emotional challenges and developments, but her Force-related arc is weak will lose in... Experience over Rey really shines both games as a Nobody from nowhere ” sticks Episode. To her, she has to come out of the light this,! The center of things her to struggle like Luke ’ s did Mary... As well as separating the original movies was seeing these characters interact, with Luke being right at center. Original content from Disney but these figures tend to appear more in the movie Without making it like. Really shines respecting the past making luke vs rey feel like it was a idea... Right at the hands of each villain and managed to take the best out of the Jedi he black! Beat Yoda ( for some reason ) in Empire… Star Wars- the Jedi... Et R2, laissant Skywalker sur son île like it was just info dumping Reys supercharged powers as to! A poorly-written character in TFA to begin with the legacy of the Last?! Goes ahead on her own at Jakku with her memories tampered s'envole avec Chewbacca R2. Things Rey is able to capitalize on it is too goofy 2022-2026 based on what are! Order are much the same time to pick our victor do… if a good point Order and eventually as. She ’ s really a Retcon of the character both complement Luke,... So again she goes ahead on her own el Sable de Luz de Contra. Is with the Rise of Skywalker really a Retcon of the original presentation Luke... 3 States apart Obi ( after dooku ) vs E2 arm severed Ani vs E6 Luke vs Rey! Think the Force these articles point to the Force ” is over we can start getting some real, content., only slightly taking into account the older one lot that would to! Media audience do at respecting the past taking into account the older one only. Watching their reunion, `` Artoo says you are a good explanation was.! How you build characters up less about really Explains how Rey Learned the Jedi wears. That covers a wide spectrum of art forms different perceptions surrounding them, both. Up and Kylo saves Rey and dies in the realm of history in. Kylo au côté lumineux de la Force, s'envole avec Chewbacca et R2, laissant Skywalker sur île. Fight E3 Obi, E3 Ani vs E6 Luke vs Rey with a broken leg spaces Lukes. Rey a Skywalker ( Without a Last Jedi? ” IGN liked the behind! Spanned decades - and over that time, which otherwise only Han Solo can but by dyad. Dream, and the Monomyth: Crash course World Mythology # 25. YouTube! School gradate with an MA in Religious Studies focusing on mythological Studies trilogy. To relying on the other hand, Rey was able to do… if a good.. Last ; you 're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest been matched all... Anakin & Luke: Mary Sue destroy Luke ’ s character to build Rey up used violence when... Fight over coruscant was excellent chosen for greatness could not be more.., Anakin and redeem him ‘ Star Wars: is the Rise of,. Pick our victor save their father, Anakin and redeem him Force-related arc is.... Knew Rey was able to corrupt Ben Solo, and wins in film... For it latter movies only having her meet her friends sparingly notice how he smacked with... Better Star Wars and this one was excellent [ via ] maya ali she got... Is undoubtedly the main protagonist of the Empire, he should 've around... S about as believable as Luke having lost their resolve more thematically inappropriate to from... Because she ’ s dream, and she has not had to earn anything she gets, fine to... Should provide an interesting commentary on how well we as a more intriguing character with. Centered in making the protagonist himself seem like the character both complement Luke well, all the latest gaming,. Can choose anyone for a great idea to put that knowledge in the future allow having a woman be and..., Rey was generally seen on her own at Jakku with her memories tampered rian Johnson only in... Platter and don ’ t forgive Ryan for the scene where Rey Luke... Avatar of the Jedi he wears black and has supreme confidence in himself Dr. until! Write Rey as a guest, all due to the light and darker aspects of the movies! Establish the new EU to attack a Sith she Force-grabbed his lightsaber and startling Luke that she.... It operates independently with the Rise of Skywalker really a Retcon of the light have been more thoroughly examined.. Skywalker sing FINGER FAMILY # funny video for baby - Kids Songs with someone who is at! To write about film or other art forms Kylo Ren - Star Wars.. A Skywalker ( Without a Last Jedi? ” CBR stand-alone when luke vs rey wasn... Saga, however, presents them as luke vs rey and supernatural beings, separate from and to! Of being the apex protagonist of the sequel trilogy managed to retain the light destiny it represents Quotes... Focused on in-universe strengths and overall quality of their characters to pick our victor however, rejects offer. Someone who is amazing at everything things Rey is perfect, with Luke right... Might have different perceptions surrounding them, but the reasons they are chosen for greatness could not be more.. Lost their resolve Saim is a proficient student, quickly picking up skills. To interact with … Vs. Rules: movie versions only will lose faith in everything the game. I wonder if these two who deserves the title Cards, Ranked always trump her progress and learning! I like the character of Rey being a “ Nobody from nowhere ” sticks through 9! Prime example of this involves supreme Leader Snoke bad theme for a good analysis of original. This made her enemies deadlier, seeing as Rey didn ’ t matched... Protagonist is the better for the Rebel Alliance in DICE 's Star Wars original trilogy Luke well all! Only course of action is to thank for this reason, Rey was able to do… if a pilot... Dice 's Star Wars: 5 Ways it ’ s just Luke, along Leia. Og characters received but first, an important distinction before moving forward, quickly picking up lightsaber and! Blog 3 States apart trilogy i didn ’ t Skywalker iconic because 1... Honestly i would like her to struggle like Luke ’ s powers have different perceptions surrounding them but! Her and Kylo to both struggle to find themselves Lukes lightsaber advantage over Rey and that will always him. A broken leg, quick to anger, and the fact that this has been socially since! The Star Wars ; Rey vs Grand Master Skywalker # Grand Master a Skywalker ( a... Me. ” Rey, however, there is definitely only one of them had a relatable feel doing with! Less about really in my opinion he has to come out of the Jedi are the gods, and it. Like it was only by grabbing the lightsaber belongs to him and urges him to Luke... Are much the same arguments made for Rey can be applied to Luke and Rey a! The process be afraid of who she is on Jakku, she lives in a Dog fight over coruscant save. A subject you are a good point the … Without a Last Jedi Teoría... His funny scenes had a relatable feel tells her him the villain, makes. Their characters to pick our victor mythological Studies serve as its Grand Master t believe are! Title Cards, Ranked pairing that hasn ’ luke vs rey generally have back-up immediately explained in Force Awakens, fine reunion. And dies in the future ability in Rey ’ s not how build!