Like all of our core races, you're going to get three sample adventurers, three NPCs, and a whole slew of regular and random traits. Evangless is the most centralized nation on the continent of Rilausia, a nation that has quickly grown and become the power in the area. node: document.getElementById('product-component-b7157147eac'), Suulrai is largely tough mountains and dense jungles and used to be unsettled territory belonging to Siddeodru. Industry has become so common that in many regions, food is actually manufactured using bio-engineering. } This decision caused open revolt among her followers and eventually collapsed the nation into a civil war that would tear not only the country apart, but the landscape itself. options: { They are a stalwart, calm, and powerful people - and for all of those reasons, often they are the most deadly. However their royal advisor, a position long known as the sapience, began to dabble in bio-engineering (long before the science of it ever existed) and she was seen almost a magician. Though it’s doubted that they’ll ever reach the breadth of the Haudi Empire, Evangless spans the width of the continent, reaching from the west coast to the east. While human society is thriving, it is doing so at a price. Over time, even these two great caravans began to decay, slowly splitting into smaller grounps and simply irking out a living amongst the sands of their forgotten empire. Tephra, the steampunk rpg for more info on Tephra go check out it's site and creators at They were opposed to the invasion that the other ayodin were plotting against the surface, and so they departed. Though the exact details are lost, the effects are obvious: today, elves are warped, bruise-colored creatures that survive meagerly in the forests. Evangless is one of the only nations that makes heavy use of hydrogen-filled airships, as they’ve pioneered sealed hydrogen technology, creating a unique hydrogen that doesn’t burn. "variantId": "all", Satyrs are common in Evangless, where they are largely seen as equals. Not a huge fan of modern roleplaying when you've been doing it all your life? Keeping to themselves and rarely wishing to interact with strangers, the gnomes built underground towns, nestled their homes within hills in the forests, and chose locations that few would find reason to venture to. var client = ShopifyBuy.buildClient({ Many farishtaas say that this is part of the rebirth, where the strongest and most important parts of the elves’ original personality become the dominant features and the rest is forfeited. During the civil war, the Royalists invented new steam-powered automatons that use aetheric steam engines and remote controls, then mass-produced them to stand as their armies. Yen Rewards Kanao Tsuyuri "background-color": "#090000" Like all of our core races, you're going to get three sample adventurers, three NPCs, and a whole slew of regular and random traits. "font-size": "26px" ":focus": { ":hover": { } The seven playable races of The Exiled Realm of Arborea dub themselves as the Valkyon Federation. The religion of Jinzium teaches that elves were once the rightful rulers of Tephra but lost favor with the gods. These difference can often cause strife, as well as peace, causing the world to constantly shift around ever changing alliances and wars. "text": { Suulrai is the youngest nation in Rilausia having been formed just over 70 years ago. /*