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Michael Rowan

Michael Rowan

All, I will be in South Florida next week, and may have some time for any that want to meet up. Let me know if there is any interest.

Today we also have two agencies calling in to use us exclusively for inspections, but want them cheap. One is in Broward, I believe, and does about 30 condo wind mits per month, but looking to get them done for $75-85 dollars per. Another is in Tampa, and is in the same price range. If any inspector wants to take over these accounts, please email Myra. If you take them you will need to make sure our service is exceptional. You will also need to be prepared to go in an meet and greet on Monday or Tuesday of this week.

Finally the agent app is going live on Monday. Many are still not finalized on their online profiles, and have little or no information, testimonials etc. Please take the time to do this as we are starting to get traffic.

In June, we are attending the FAIA conference in Orlando. If anyone is interested in attending and manning the booths
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