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Friday, 20 July 2018 08:15

Drone Test

Written by Michael Rowan

Friday, 27 September 2013 03:02

Home Inspection Exams

Written by a guest

The objective of this inspection is clear. To provide peace of mind to those that are in the process of buying a home. The inspection includes a systematic visual analysis of the structure and exterior of the home, roof coverings, electrical and mechanical components, interior and whatever systems and appliances are going to remain with the home. Not all home inspectors are a alike. The experience and knowledge of the home inspector is the difference between the risks covered with inspection reports prepared. The inspection report should be packed with information and back up verification, including sample photographs, permitting if relevant, and any other document necessary to ensure prospective buyers have a clear picture of what the true condition of the home is.

Thursday, 30 May 2013 11:30

Inspection Depot Announcement

Written by a guest

Inspection is at last almost ready to launch its Contractors, inspectors and adjusters network to the various industries. We believe that this is a long awaited network that will not only help our network members, but also the customers we work with. Many times our clients simply want solutions to construction issues we report on daily and not just lists of defects or problems with nowhere to go.

Our goal is to provide FREE access to all professionals in the adjuster, contractor and inspector industries, to help network everyone concerned and expand on their business enterprise. We are providing 12 month access to all online education for a one flat fee, to anyone who is interested in taking online courses, learning more from the online videos, and keep building on the benefits of our systems. That means that online courses for Home Inspection, wind mitigation, electrical, sinkhole, etc. will all be available to anyone on the network.  

For Inspection Companies, we are going to start allowing Inspection Companies onto the Inspection Depot Inspection Management application, allowing them the same access to quality reporting and deliverable s for all inspection management and operational features we currently use at Inspection Depot. This means they will have access to every insurance carrier in the industry, over 15,000 already pre-registered agents, and use of hand held applications for both themselves and their inspectors. All will comply with the same QA requirements to ensure our clients and preferred vendor relationships are maintained. The Inspection Depot application is an on demand software as a service, and will be licensed on a subscription type basis. Details to follow.


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