1 Vit. Lore: Glaive Throw • Tangling Shot • Glaive Sweep • Sandstorm • Bramble Wall • Burning Leap • Flaming Glaive It's a whole lot of fun, and it' s ... And honestly, the flame-hammer is one of the most satisfying video game moves of the year. 8/2/2013 v1.2 - Minor updates all around. I have Heal Bot and Flame Hammer. The Flame Hammer is a legendary level 50 hammer, dropped by the Floor 5 boss, Sa'jun the Centurian Chieftain, and the Event boss, Sa'Jeff the Centurian Chieftain. Every Class In Torchlight 2 Ranked From Worst To Best. Frost Passives: Staff Mastery • Frozen Fate • Ice Brand The rest all passives. im quite happy with flame hammer, but i dont want to miss out … EQ just did much more damage, even though I did a lot of Fire damage. It is available to Engineers as soon as they begin their quest. Also the dodge chance is another great damage mitigater that shouldn’t be overlooked when you are primarily at melee range. Strength is better on Emberquake up until you hit the Critical Damage Cap at which point focus becomes better. Im just making sure Im leveling correctly.. seems to be working thus far :) great guide! Any other active skills I should invest in? This is fairly common. Hunter: Eviscerate • Howl • Raze • Wolfstrike • Battle Rage • Rupture • Ravage Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It belongs to the Blitz Skill Tree and is available starting at level 1. Tundra Passives: Cold Steel Mastery • Shatter Storm • Rage Retaliation Creates 7 flaming splinters traveling 14 meters. I have been playing all Torchlight parts since the first one, so this post is a bit nostalgic. We’ve integrated the ModDrop mod manager, making it easy to download and install mods with just one click. 98 ($5.49/Count) $19.99 $19.99 Since crits proc so frequently with Blast Cannon and Flame Hammer, this is a huge boon. Inferno Passives: Charge Mastery • Elemental Attunement • Fire Brand Extra armor and spot healing is brought by the Heal Bot pet who is basically a persistant buff that has to be re-cast when you switch maps. It belongs in the Blitz Skill Tree and is available starting at level 14. Torchlight 2 Elite Prismatic Bolt Embermage Guide (Wand + Shield) by Imada. In addition to this he can Hunter Passives: Blood Hunger • Executioner • Rampage A level 100 Engineer's sledgebot will deal 3463-5037 Physical Damage. Heavy Lifting, Supercharge, Bulwark, and Fire & Spark for passives. Tier I Bonus: It can dish out serious damage when we are buffed up & our energy is full. Flame Hammer, which should be your primary (right ... and dungeons not found in the original game. Shadow Passives: Frenzy Mastery • Shred Armor • Red Wolf, Inferno: Magma Spear • Magma Mace • Firebombs • Blazing Pillar • Infernal Collapse • Immolation Aura • Firestorm Just bought torchlight 2 and want to build 1h+shield engineer. By default, Torchlight 2 only allows you to respec your last three skill points (at a steep cost). The stunning is just a nice bonus. In other words lots of proccing. Torchlight 2 is a pretty old game, but still, there are a lot of fans who loves the game. Torchlight 2 Engineer 2H Elite Sample Build by RetsReds. Hi all this a quick rundown a build that, though simple, has been highly effective for me in veteran and elite and I am planning to take it into hardcore mode pretty soon. For allocating stat points I recommend the following: 2 Str 1 Dex In the early game until you are happy with survivability 2 Vit, 2 Str 2 Dex Once survivability is comfortable. I'm level 35. "When the Engineer hits a stunned target, an electrical surge helps finish the foe off. This build is based around Flame Hammer being your go to ability for AoE trash killing, Boss Kiting, and just on call big damage. But I've seen enough screenshots of Engineers in their late 60's and up with nothing but Flame Hammer and maybe one other active, that I believe it's actually viable. Tier III Bonus: I just have a hard time understanding how it's practical. Sigil: Blade Pact • Bane Breath • Shadowshot • Repulsion Hex • Stone Pact • Shadowmantle • Shadowling Brute The play style for this build is very simple. 7/29/2013 v1.2 - Updated stat point allocation section regarding Focus. So lest cover this topic now. This carries over to Ember Hammer and Flame Hammer. Priorities to spend skill points: 1 - getting the first level of any skill 2 - getting the level 5 of active skills 3 - getting level 15 of healing bot and forcefield 4 - for the fourth priority, spend points as you wish 15/15 Aegis 15/15 Flamehammer 15/15 Heavy Lifting 15/15 Onslaught 15/15 Supercharge 15/15 Heal Bot, The list above makes up the primary skills of the build and should have points allocated as often as possible and are inorder of what I have experienced to be the most important from top to bottom, 15/15 Fire and Spark 5-15/ Charge Reconstitution 10-15/15 Coup De Grace 15/15 Bulwark. Thus, you may already be so far in that these builds are impossible to use. It belongs to the Construction Skill Tree and is available starting at level 42. Whichever class you choose to play in Torchlight 2 is going to come with some pros and cons - and we've got them all laid out for you! Torchlight Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. High Strength builds could use Flame Hammer as a spammable primary attack skill while high Focus builds can use Emberquake as a high damage skill. Creates 6 flaming splinters traveling 11 meters. Find your Torchlight 2 save folder, usually under Documents/My Games/Runic Games/Torchlight 2/save. I'm in new game+ on veteran and my flame hammer is still destroying almost everything in 1-2 hits (aside from champions and bosses, obviously). TABLE OF CONTENT: 1 – SKILLS 2 – SKILLS CHOICE 3 – LEVELING 4 – ROTATION 5 – HOTKEYS 6 – STATS 7 – ITEM BUILD 8 – SPELLS 9 – PET SPELLS 10 – PET FOOD 11 – TIP 12 – BEST-IN … In any case, I am doing it for my friends who asked for this Torchlight 2 Classes guide. Hi, anyway you could let me know what my strength / vitality / focus should be at once my dex is 110-120.. im lvl 29 right now and im at str 69, dex 48, focus 5, vit 58 with all my gear off. Torchlight II comes out tomorrow on Steam. Torchlight 2 Engineer 2H Flame Hammer Build Here is a Torchlight 2 Engineer 2H Flame Hammer Build by APaperbackhero. Flame Hammer is an active Engineer skill in Torchlight II. Shadow: Shadow Burst • Wolf Shade • Shadowbind • Savage Rush • Chain Snare • Battle Standard • Wolfpack Tier II Bonus: Infernal Collapse (Level 28): Think of it as the meteor spell (Diablo/Diablo 2 again, I’ll reference these games a lot, either directly or in concept), just without the animation and after burn. "You construct a powerful sledgebot to pulverize your foes." When upgraded to +20, it deals 840 damage. So I just woke up early this morning (Eastern Europe) to watch adoomgod’s stream of a 2H melee Engineer only to find out that he is streaming with his Embermage because and I almost quote: “It turned out that the 2H Engineer was dieing every 10 seconds on elite.” Tier I Bonus: Sledgebot gains sweep attack. Added some helpful links regarding Emberquake vs. Flame Hammer and Strength vs. Focus. Storm: Prismatic Bolt • Shocking Burst • Thunder Locus • Arc Beam • Death's Bounty • Shockbolts • Shocking Orb "A huge overhand smash sends 8 magma fissures racing outward, seeking out and destroying your enemies." Torchlight 2 Engineer 2H Flame Hammer Build Guide, Facebook GodsWar Online Cooled Holy Stones Guide, Restaurant Story Most Efficient Design Guide. Tons of damage, and Forcefield + Bulwark tanks so hard you should rarely even take damage, let alone die. https://torchlight.fandom.com/wiki/Flame_Hammer?oldid=27289, While the flaming splinters deal fire damage, Flame Hammer's initial damage is physical and based on, This means that the initial damage can benefit from increasing, Flame Hammer has a lower mana cost, higher burn chance, higher % Weapon Damage, and focuses on Physical Damage. This build is not for people who prefer to use alot of abilities as many of your skill points will be invested into passive aggressive and defensive skills. Coup-de-Grace is a passive Engineer skill in Torchlight II. Its not concievable to get all of these skills, but depending on what difficulty you are playing and whether your style is more offensive or more defensive you will want to pick and choose accordingly. Ember Hammer is an active Engineer skill in Torchlight II. 3/2 Str and Vit, you can get all the Dex you need from gear later My 2H Engi uses Flame + Ember Hammer for damage, Seismic Slam for CC, Onslaught for engage & disengage, and Forcefield to tank. Creates 5 flaming splinters traveling 8 meters. Lore Passives: Dodge Mastery • Poison Burst • Share the Wealth ive been wondering if i a 2h engineer lady should favor ember quake over flame hammer? Updated information about Emberquake, Dynamo Field and Flame Hammer. Frost: Icy Blast • Hailstorm • Frost Phase • Elemental Boon • Frost Wave • Ice Prison • Astral Ally If available, a Charge is consumed to generate two additional blasts. Sigil Passives: Master of the Elements • Shadowling Ammo • Death Ritual. Flame Hammer is comparable to Emberquake and both have their strengths and weaknesses. Welcome to Runic Games Fansite, the premier torchlight 1 and torchlight 2 modding community, courtesy of ModDrop. Additionally, Flame Hammer can also spend. Critical chance increases very quickly for the first bunch of points in Dexterity, then tapers off rapidly. The closest thing to a support/tank in Torchlight 2; the Engineer can utilize large two-handed hammers or a sword and board set up. It has a 12% critical chance and has a base damage of 420. "Your weapon crushes foes it strikes, creating 4 flaming splinters that seek out enemies within 5 meters. Your email address will not be published. Torchlight 2 Engineer 2H Flame Hammer Build Guide by APaperbackHero. I am in disgreement with other 2-hand engineers out there who focus 3:2 or 4:1 Str:Vit out the gate because I feel no fumble reduction can be a big detriment to the dps of the class. Gems: DOT damage gems. Hi all this a quick rundown a build that, though simple, has been highly effective for me in veteran and elite and I am planning to take it into hardcore mode pretty soon. Hi all this a quick rundown a build that, though simple, has been highly effective for me in veteran and elite and I am planning to take it into hardcore mode pretty soon. Emberquake is an active Engineer skill in Torchlight II. As soon as possible, take the skill point from flame hammer and put it at Healing Bot. Blazing Train. Warfare Passives: Long Range Mastery • Shotgonne Mastery • Akimbo I use all my Charges to … Construction: Healing Bot • Blast Cannon • Spider Mines • Gun Bot • Shock Grenade • Fusilade • Sledgebot Various eyes, skulls, shards and other exotics yield +% Fire Damage. [Torchlight 2] It's out! Torchlight 2 Engineer 2H Flame Hammer Build Guide by APaperbackHero. Blitz Passives: Heavy Lifting • Supercharge • Coup-de-Grace CPPSLEE Led Flame Effect Light Bulb, 4 Modes Flame Lights Bulbs, E26 Base Fire Light Bulbs with Gravity Sensor, Flickering Light Bulb for Indoor and Outdoor (2 Pack) 4.4 out of 5 stars 12,551 $10.98 $ 10 . I searched net about skills and find many numbers about focus ,str builds. Strength is flat out better on Flame Hammer. This build is a complete lvl 60 setup and is UP-TO-DATE with the new relic subclass rework. Then spend the charge with Flame Hammer attacks. Any other actives that will help with DPS? It belongs to the Blitz skill tree and is available starting at level 14. It belongs to the Blitz Skill Tree and is available starting at level 1. The defensive nature of this spec is set by starting fights off with Onslaught to reduce incoming damage while waiting for Aegis Procs. The most dangerous period of this build will be levels 1-20 when your defensive procs and debuffs are not quite frequent enough to garantee good survivability. Aegis: Shield Bash • Forcefield • Overload • Dynamo Field • Tremor • Fire Bash • Immobilization Copter I'm currently lvl 80 and the main attacks I've used during the game are Flame Hammer and Emberquake. Sledgebot is an active Engineer skill in Torchlight II. Which is itneresting, because Focus's equivalent, Energy, from Diablo 2 was one of the most useless stats. The list above makes up the secondary skills and is once again in most to least important. However, Emberquake has fissures which travel further, pierce through enemies, and focus on Fire Damage. Armor: +% to Fire Damage. The drop rate for this item is 0.1%. ", (Requires any axe, sword, hammer, staff, or polearm). Open settings.txt, and find the line that says "CONSOLE :0", which should be third from the top. Aegis Passives: Sword and Board • Aegis of Fate • Charge Reconstitution, Warfare: Rapid Fire • Rune Vault • Chaos Burst • Cursed Daggers • Vortex Hex • Shattering Glaive • Venomous Hail With these considerations in mind, players that have other skills to spend points on should decide which skill to invest in early to prevent wasted skill points. This spec is very simple, very effective, and great for new engineers. It’s my new take on the obvious Fire synergy between the Flaming Destroyer subclass and Flamethrower Car.I consider the build as not underpowered but also NOT META. It is available to Engineers as soon as they begin their quest. Flame Hammer is an active Engineer skill in Torchlight II. Storm Passives: Prismatic Rift • Wand Chaos • Lightning Brand, Blitz: Flame Hammer • Seismic Slam • Ember Hammer • Onslaught • Ember Reach • Storm Burst • Emberquake Afteer I got Emberquake to Tear 1, I haven't used Flame Hammer at all. This effect deals Electric Damage that is proportional to the Engineer's Strength. The Sledgebot deals Physical Damage that improves with Player Level. Hoping to do a major update later to correct some consistency issues. Torchlight 2 Engineer Boss Killer Build Guide by Roy. My Flame Hammer is murdering everything on Vet. This ability cannot trigger more than once per second." Construction Passives: Bulwark • Fire and Spark • Charge Domination The subclass used is Flaming Destroyer. Tundra: Frost Breath • Stormclaw • Storm Hatchet • Northern Rage • Ice Shield • Permafrost • Glacial Shatter Discover new Classes, Items, Maps, Pets, Monsters, Characters, Skills, Spells, Weapons and UI mods.